Apple Pay is a very convenient and secure way to pay for your purchases without carrying your wallet around

You probably have tried “tapping” your credit card on some merchants readers for the ease of paying without signing or entering your PIN.

As long as you have an eligible device, you can use it to enter your credit/debit/reward cards to use them with your iPhone.


Compared to tapping a credit card on a reader, Apple Pay on your iPhone is much more secure.

With the NFC technology embedded, you can simply bring your iPhone near the card reader then confirm the purchase with your fingerprint through Touch ID.

Not only it requires your fingerprint to confirm the purchase (already super secure), but the transaction actually takes place in an encrypted way in comparison to a regular “credit card” tap.

Your credit card details are never transmitted to the reader but instead a set of encrypted information allows the transaction to go through without the merchant or anyone else being able to “read” your credit card details (for those thieves who walk around with credit card readers in their pockets).

How to set it up

It’s easy.

Simply go to Wallet > tap the + beside Pay to add a new credit/debit card or “Passes” to enter a new reward card.

Follow the steps and you’re ready to pay with your iPhone!

For more information, see Apple Pay.


  1. When you’re ready to pay, simply double-click your iPhone’s home button to bring the Wallet app up
  2. Depending on which country you reside, you may still want to have your credit/debit/reward cards at hand as there are certain maximum amounts for transactions with Apple Pay.

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