Make it easy to view your files in Finder on a MacHeres’ a simple tip to view your files easily on Finder

Finder offers 4 main views to display your files, but here’s my favorite and why…

After trying all 4 Finder views, “Icons”, “List”, “Columns” and “Coverflow”, I found my favorite: “Column” view.

Why is that you ask?

Well, simply because you can easily view the hierarchy of your folders and files in a very convenient way, not need to click twice on a folder to open it, you can preview what’s in each folder quickly and rearrange files at will.

There’s just one little thing that annoyed me until recently with that specific view: the difficulty of grabbing the separation line between columns and dragging it so the content fits perfectly to see the full files names, even if some were longer than usual.

Well, here’s a very simple but powerful tip: simply double-click any of these column-separation lines and the column width adjusts according to your longest file name.

This is especially useful when you click on the paperclip icon to attach a file to an email, the window is sometimes too small to view the actual file you wish to attach.

Aha moment! I just love these Macs…

Any other suggestions? Tips to sort your files on a Mac? Feel free to let us know in the comments below!


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