The best way to search on iPhone

Make it easy for you to find anything on your iPhone by using Spotlight!

Now that you’ve downloaded a plethora of fantastic apps for your iPhone and your Contacts, Calendars and other info is growing, searching on iPhone can be a time-consuming task.

Ok, you may have organized some apps neatly into folders but you’ve probably got dozens of those folders by now.

So how do you effectively search on iPhone?

Using Spotlight

Simply swipe down from the center of the display, regardless of which page you’re on (you don’t have to be in the first page of apps).

By swiping from the center down, Spotlight is revealed then you can type pretty much whatever you wish to search for, such as a contact, a word to check the definition of, an app that may be burried within the hundreds you already own or anything else.

The results are pretty amazing, Spotlight will provide you with suggestions and most of the time you’ll find what you were looking for in seconds.

As time is our most precious commodity, I personally am a big fan of this feature, how about you?

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