When taking a photo on an iPhone, accessing the Photo app needs to be as quick as possible to capture the moment.

Did you know that using 3D Touch on the Photo app provides you with 4 options to get to your desired mode faster?

First of all, to reveal the Photo app faster, we recommend using the Control Centre by swiping from the bottom up from outside the screen.

Once revealed, 3D Touch the Photo app (press harder than usual; works only on 3D Touch models) and you’ll get the following 4 options:

  1. Take Photo: this will take a regular photo
  2. Record Slo-mo: for slow-motion videos
  3. Record Video: for regular video
  4. Take Selfie: to take a selfie with the front-facing camera ready to capture your funny “duck face”

Capture these important moments of your life faster with 3D Touch on the Photo app on iPhone!

Have you tried it? Suggestions? Let us know below!

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