The Night Shift mode helps your eyes enjoy your Apple devices while reducing eye strain and sleeplessness

You’ve probably read it somewhere: the light emitted by our electronic devices triggers reactions in the brain and can create eye strain and sleeplessness.

The Night Shift mode allows to reduce such impact and helps you enjoy your devices at night.

It basically turns your entire display into warmer tones to help your eyes and brain slow down instead of keeping them awake.

How to turn it on

  • On iPhone/iPad:
    • Settings > Display & Brightness > Night Shift > choose your options
    • or simply swipe up to reveal the Control Center and turn it on
  • On Mac:
    • Black Apple on top left corner > System Preferences > Display > Night Shift

You can choose to schedule it, adjust the warmth and other options.

Here’s to enjoying your Apple devices at night without the negative effects on your body!

Have you used the feature? Suggestions? Questions? Let us know below!

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