Even with the highest amount of security and the best passwords, you could still face a camera hack on your Mac that would leave you exposed…

Many of us decide to patch the camera with some kind of “sticky” or tape or anything available.

But are you sure you’ve done it well?

Depending on your Mac model, such as the Macbook Air, the microphone and the ambient light sensors are located on the left and the right of the camera.

The microphone is obviously important for communicating but the ambient light sensor is equally important as it detects the ambient light to adjust things such are your display light and your keyboard backlit levels.

This enables you to get an optimized light throughout to avoid tiring your eyes and brain and also see your keyboard in low-light environments.

So when you patch your camera to stop hackers from seeing you while you’re at your computer, ensure you’re only patching the lens and not the microphone or the ambient light sensor!

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