iOS 13 has arrived and it’s packed with fantastic new features

One of them is the new Reminders app completely redesigned from the ground up.

When you update your iPhone to iOS 13 and open the Reminders app, it will ask you if you want to migrate.

Here’s what you need to know BEFORE you migrate your reminders:

  • If you have an older iPad that hasn’t updated yet to the latest iPadOS, it will mess up your reminders and you won’t be able to see them on that iPad until you update the OS
  • As MacOS Catalina isn’t available yet (as of September 25th, 2019 when we wrote this post), your reminders will have the same fate as your iPad, they will disappear until the above-mentioned OS becomes available sometime in October 2019
  • Be patient. When you migrate them on your iPhone, they will take time to come back and you may think you’ve lost the majority of them when actually Apple’s servers are doing their job at crunching your data and making it available within this new, beautiful and more user-friendly Reminders app

So, to summarize, should you migrate now?

It depends. The good news is that if you want to test-drive the new Reminders app on your iPhone running iOS 13, you can, if you don’t mind being patient for the migration to occur on your iPad and Mac at a slightly later date.

The new app is really cool and a lot more usable than its predecessor so we would recommend getting your hands on it but please be mindful of the expectations we’ve shared above

Have you tried the new Reminders app? Let us know in the comments below!

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