You may have already signed up to Apple Music, one of the best music streaming services available.

Apple offers more than 45 million songs and a plethora of great features like curated content, downloading albums, tracks and music videos, playing songs offline, Beats 1 radio and more.

But what about the iTunes library you assembled over the years with so much passion and dedication?

Well, you could use iTunes Match to bring them to your iCloud Music Library to have access to them across your devices.

iTunes Match lets you match up to 100,000 songs from your iTunes library to Apple’s library so you can listen to them on any of your devices.

The difference

For people more interested in a music streaming service, Apple Music is the right choice.

It offers 3 different plans:

  • Student: $4.99/month
  • Individual: $9.99/month
  • Family: $14.99/month

But if you feel like paying monthly for this service is not what you’re after and your own music library meets your needs, then the yearly iTunes Match subscription ($24.99) could be for you.

As of 2016, Apple Music essentially includes the iTunes Match service within its monthly subscription so you’re getting both at once.

If you wanted to have your iTunes music library on your iPhone (provided it has enough storage space), then you could always plug it into your Mac or PC and import them manually.

Then, with an Apple Music subscription, you would simply find and download new songs on top of your own library.

The new downloaded songs would automatically match across devices you’re using with Apple Music.


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