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“I love my Mac but why is it slow?” Does this sound like you or someone you know? You’ll enjoy this article!

Here are some suggestions that can help you keep your Mac running well (and your sanity intact):

This is Part 1, check Part 2 for more tips!

Ensure you’re running the latest operating system (OS)

You can tell the version of OSX you’re running on your Mac by going to the black Apple on the top left corner then “About this Mac”. The version number will tell you if you have the latest one or not. Don’t know anything about OSX versions? Check which OSX version you’re running from Apple.

Check for software updates

Go to the black Apple on the top left corner of your display and select “Software Update”.
In the majority of situations, updating your software fixes a lot of small issues and can help boosting your Mac’s speed.

Quit applications you’re not using

What? How about wanting to multitask? Well, I know you may love to multitask and rest assured your Mac is designed for it but it also depends on the type of hardware you have. The RAM, microprocessor, operating system, disk space and many other factors like how old your computer is will dictate how much multitasking you can do. I own a white Macbook from 2008 and it runs well but I know I can’t ask it to do as much as fast as the iMac 27 from late 2011.

Bottom line: if you’re using an application only once every couple of hours, I would suggest to close it and reopen it only when you need to. This will free up some “thinking” capacity for your Mac to run faster.

Quit applications that are too “hungry”

No, not all applications run the same way. Skype, for example, takes a lot from the computer, especially if you’re running video + sound. For it to be streamlined and smooth, it has to communicate with many other servers constantly. In other words, your Mac is super busy and can have a hard time focusing on other tasks at the same time.

Also, if you’re managing your own financial portfolio online, be careful with these apps that have supposedly been tweaked so they can work on a Mac and give you “live” access to your shares and other indicators. These apps can be very “hungry” and slow your Mac down. If you don’t need to check right now, quit it! Or you could also check such info from your iPhone or iPad, therefore freeing up memory from your Mac.

Increase the RAM

RAM or “Random Access Memory” is the memory your Mac uses to perform tasks on the go. The more RAM it has, the more it can do at once. A Macbook with 2GB of RAM will not give you as much speed nor multitasking capability as an iMac with 20GB of RAM (those are my configurations currently).
Most of the time it’s pretty easy to access and manage by yourself. There’s usually a compartment accessible on your Mac to replace the RAM. Also, depending on how much you’d like to purchase, it is usually not that expensive for the increase in productivity you’ll get.

Don’t know where to start or how to do it? contact me today, I’d be delighted to help you!

This was Part 1, check Part 2 for more tips!


Have you got any other tip to boost your Mac? Please share by leaving a comment below!


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