Since the iPhone 6S, “3D Touch” or “Force touch” has been one of the most overlooked features

Most of you probably don’t even know what it is nor what it does, right?

Well, as Apple strives to make our lives easier, 3D Touch does just that. It allows you to access certain features within apps just by pressing slightly harder on the app icon.

As an example, should you wish to access the Bluetooth screen to choose which wireless device to connect to so you can listen to music, press harder on the “Settings” app and you’re given a shortcut to the most common features such as Bluetooth.


Just in case it’s not activated, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > 3D Touch and turn it “on”.

So what can you do with it exactly?

Glad you asked.


  • Start a new message right away
  • View the last 3 contacts you’ve exchanged messages with to continue the conversation


  • View what’s up next on your calendar
  • Quickly tap the + to add a new event


  • Quickly create a new contact
  • Search for contacts
  • Access your VIPs to call directly


  • Create a new email
  • View VIP messages
  • Search emails

Apple Music:

  • View recently played music
  • Play Beats1 directly
  • Search

Those are just a few examples of what’s available, we encourage you to press firmly on any of your apps, even third-party ones to see how you can make your life easier and access commonly-used shortcuts.

You can now brag among your friends you know something they probably don’t.

You’re welcome.

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