Easily switch users on MacSwitch between users easily on a Mac with this simple option

Keep your information safe and easily share your Mac

Let’s say you’re working on the family Mac at home and one of your kids wants to check their Facebook page on the computer.
You can easily switch users to protect your sensitive information.
When you log back in, your workspace will remain the same as you left it.

The benefits:

  • No need to let your kids or guests use your computer while your personal information is available
  • No need to restart the Mac
  • No need to close all apps and reopen everything when you log back in

How to set it up

Simply go to the black Apple on the top left corner of your display then select “System Preferences”.

Select Users & Groups>Login Options> and check the box “Show fast user switching menu as Full Name”.

That’s it!

Now, anytime you need to let someone use your Mac, simply click your name on the top right corner, on the menu bar then select the user who wants to use the computer or the “Guest” user if there’s no user account created for that person yet.

Questions? Feel free to ask below, I’d be delighted to help you!


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