The Apple Health app, on iPhone or Apple Watch is a great way to track anything related to your health and find ways to improve it.

From medical ID, heart, reproductive data, vitals, body measurements and other health records, the Apple Health app can be a great companion to keep everything in one place, easy to access.

But how do you add data to this Health app?

Apple can recommend apps that work with the Health app and will connect to it to send meaningful data about your health.

Here’s how to find the recommended apps for each category:

  1. Open the Health app on your iPhone
  2. Tap “Health Data” on the bottom toolbar
  3. Tap a category of your choice and find “Recommended apps” within
  4. You can then tap on an app to download it from the App Store
  5. Then, open the Health app > Sources and choose which categories within these apps you’d like to activate so it can send data to the Health app

Have you tried it? Which are your favorite apps that connect to the Health app? Let us know in the comments below!

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