How to forget a wifi network on iPhone | Apple TrainingWhy would you get your iPhone to forget a wifi network?

There are certain situations that call for it…

The other day I was staying at a really nice hotel in Vancouver, BC, and once I tried to connect to their wifi, I felt the need to confirm with reception that I was correctly connected.

I’m glad I did as they also told me the internet was not free!!!!!!

I couldn’t believe it, the price we had paid for this luxurious hotel and internet wasn’t free???

Anyway, the problem is that now, my iPhone was connected to this wifi so if I started to use any apps, it would accumulate wifi charges at the hotel.

So how do you ask your iPhone to “forget” a network so it doesn’t connect to it automatically?

That’s easy, simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap on Wifi
  3. Tap the little “i” in a circle on the right of the network you wish to forget
  4. Tap “Forget Network”

That’s it!

Your iPhone won’t automatically connect to this network moving forward so you can decide whether you wish to pay for internet or not!

In what other situations could this feature be useful to you? Feel free to tell us below!


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